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Apr 11, 2021 04:44:12 PM

MoI Pages on facebook, twitter and Youtube

Doha: The Ministry of Interior launched its Arabic pages on facebook, twitter and youtube and the English pages on facebook and twitter to serve as an interactive window with the public, keeping them informed about the activities and events of the Ministry and giving an opportunity to express their opinion on those pages.

The initiative comes after a thorough study of the rapid developments in the "Web" field and the proliferation of social networking sites, or what is known as new media, which is based on interaction and participation through specifying spaces to communicate with a broad sector of the public.

In order to reach out to a scientific view for taking the advantage of social networking sites, the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior organized series of workshops and lectures related to new media and its features with the participation of a group of specialists in the media and security fields as well as a review of some successful experiences in this regard.


By creating the pages on social networking sites, the Ministry of Interior aims at the participation of the public in spreading security awareness through innovative methods, and to identify public opinion in this regard in addition to providing opportunity for the public to participate in various interactive services offered by the Ministry of Interior on its website. The MoI pages on social networking sites also will receive the opinions, questions and enquiries from the Public on different services offered by the departments under the Ministry of Interior.

The public can log on to the MoI English page on facebook through the link click here while the page on twitter can be reached out through the link click here!/moi_qataren. The Arabic page on facebook can be log on through the link click here and the page on twitter can be browsed through the link click here while the page on youtube can be reached through click here


It is worth to quote here that the Ministry of Interior was in the frontline that started interaction with the public through electronic medias such as the website of the Ministry through which the public could to complete various transactions related with the Ministry easily and simply. The launching of its pages on social networking sites increases the possibility of getting those services in a large scope by more members of the general public.

The Ministry of Interior also utilized the email service to spread awareness by sending security and safety related awareness materials though emails as the number of beneficiaries of those emails has reached now to more than 27500



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