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Mar 07, 2021 05:38:19 PM  
  asadkhanrwp   Posted on: Wed, 02 Mar, 2011 09:03:30 AM

Match was Tied?
Shane warn told before 8 hours that match would be tied and same how is possible??


  saji_mavo   Replied on: Wed, 02 Mar, 2011 09:03:42 AM

I agree...ICC always behind Indian and Pak cricketers. Hope this WC will open their eyes!!!

  asadkhanrwp   Replied on: Wed, 02 Mar, 2011 09:03:56 AM

Yes that is, if any body assume that from Asian region then ICC move heaven and earth...

But now they are silent why?

What is the fault of Asian cricketers.


  jak   Replied on: Wed, 02 Mar, 2011 09:03:31 AM

This is real example of match fixing!!!


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