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Apr 11, 2021 02:53:07 PM  
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  lypeblilm   Posted on: Mon, 14 Nov, 2011 04:10:12 AM

This forum is amazing!
Hello people everything allright? by now Im doing my primary thread on this board, nice forum as all of you can see.
Lets go to my presentation, Im Andrew, Im from Winchester, at the moment I'm taking a semester on another town now on Psychology to reach my graduation.
I adore reading as well as tv shows, and I also play a lot Radiohead, my new hobbie right now is playing poker, as many of you...I imagine....and also magic the gathering.
The main reason I came here on this board to search for ideas to my own board at [url=click here]Poker Online[/url] ...You can not blame me cause you guys do have a lot interesting topics here, but off course I will engage activatly in all of the discussions in the forum!!!!!
I will also apoligize by my writting it is the only way I found to talk with you guys....
And for now Is all I can post, because work of shifts and now I have to rest a while..............Just hopping you enjoyed my first topic.
Untill tomorrwo to everybody, Goodbye



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