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Jul 16, 2024 06:55:05 PM  
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  lypeblilm   Posted on: Mon, 14 Nov, 2011 04:10:12 AM

This forum is amazing!
Hello people everything allright? by now I´m doing my primary thread on this board, nice forum as all of you can see.
Lets go to my presentation, I´m Andrew, I´m from Winchester, at the moment I'm taking a semester on another town now on Psychology to reach my graduation.
I adore reading as well as tv shows, and I also play a lot Radiohead, my new hobbie right now is playing poker, as many of you...I imagine....and also magic the gathering.
The main reason I came here on this board to search for ideas to my own board at [url=click here]Poker Online[/url] ...You can not blame me cause you guys do have a lot interesting topics here, but off course I will engage activatly in all of the discussions in the forum!!!!!
I will also apoligize by my writting it is the only way I found to talk with you guys....
And for now Is all I can post, because work of shifts and now I have to rest a while..............Just hopping you enjoyed my first topic.
Untill tomorrwo to everybody, Goodbye



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