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Jul 16, 2024 08:45:35 PM

Classified Rules
1.   All ads must contain a valid Qatar telephone number. Those without valid numbers or advertisement in other currencies will be deleted.
2.   The items that are banned or not permissible by concerned department in Qatar, such as Pirated software, games, CDís (music, films), VOIP calling cards, medicines, food items, drugs, tobacco products etc. are not allowed to post in QS.
3.   When uploading a picture with classified must be appropriate to the posted ads.
4.   Qatar Searching will permit the employer to post their vacancies in order to make a channel between jobseekers and employers. Although QS is NOT a job site and NOT responsible for fake posting if any.
5.   Ad related to sale visas or any assistance for the same are not allowed.
6.   Itís not permit to post any ads in QS in item for sale category from abroad.
7.   When making a deal confront both parties and exchange money by hand. QS is not responsible for any online payment or bank transfers.
8.   QS is not allowed any post against the ruling system or country policies. QS role is only being a third party among QS users and visitors.
9.   No responsibility is taken by QS for the accuracy and reliability of posted information as QS is being a third party among QS members and visitors.
10.   QS permit its user to post one ad for a particular category (Accommodation/Item for Sale/Mobile phone/ job/Services) per day. We request you to avoid posting the same ad more than once on a particular day either in the same category or across multiple categories. Any duplicate ads will be removed.
11.   QS reserves the right to remove any postings those are not relevant, or not complying with  above stated rules of QS.

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